Our careful and determined work, in cooperation with you, will allow you to understand the value that can be added to your company

Here is a list of just some of the possible forms of added value:

  • Development and management of IMC strategies

  • Market research

  • Determining and studying the target audience

  • Researching your consumer, including decision-making

  • Brand management – from A to Z or in stages

  • Various IMC master classes – training for you and your employees

  • Social network communication strategies and management

  • Content marketing, including blogging

  • Improving personal service

  • Facilitating sales

  • Creating personal brands

  • Preparing various procurement documents

  • Organizing events

  • Cooperation with the media

  • Planning and managing a media cooperation strategy

  • Media monitoring

  • Developing and managing a risk and crisis communication plan, consultations, training

  • Developing and managing a marketing plan

  • Auditing communication with the target audience

  • Corporate identity, image, reputation management

  • Corporate communication and brand management

  • Creating a corporate narrative - appropriate for the target audience, unique and intended for the long-term

  • Advertising copy and preparation

  • Sponsoring and event marketing

  • Preparation for expositions

  • Direct marketing

  • Planning and managing PR campaigns

  • Original music and arrangement for your video slides, podcasts, ads or other marketing solutions

  • Audio brand management

Strategic IMC - a complex, integrated, shared conception view of your communication with the appropriate target audience, adding value to the traditional marketing disciplines

If you have difficulty choosing among these offers, we can try working step by step:

  • We will identify the possibilities of your brand IMC (including target audience identification, determining complexity and focus, studying product and service complexity, understanding and distributing customer decision-making)

  • If you already have a marketing plan, we will supplement it with IMC elements. If not - we well develop the entire thing

  • IMC will allow us reaching the marketing plan goals, strengthening the brand positioning, defining communication goals, taking into account media options and other opportunities

P.S. In our work we cooperate with professional, experienced designers and other specialists.