Olga Kazaka

Partner at A.W.Olsen & PartnersOctober 2, 2019, Jolanta was a client of Olga’s
Professional and strategic approach to communication processes.

Signe Millere

Project management. Personal growth and business efficiency development.April 1, 2019, Jolanta was a client of Signe’s
Jolanta led 3 days long practical training for young entrepreneurs of Sigulda Business incubator. Our clients were excited to learn more about market researches, branding and marketing. Workshops were very well structured and full of practical exercises and tools how to develop small and medium business. Personal attitude for each client, best practices of marketing trends and great examples showed very good and professional impression. We are very satisfied of this collaboration with Jolanta.

Ivo Mūrnieks

Digital MarketingMarch 28, 2019, Ivo was a client of Jolanta’s
In Talsi I attended the lecture "Integrated marketing communication from A to Z", read by Jolanta. I learned many new things, and she was capable of keeping my attention for entire 6 hours. After the seminar, she was forthcoming and showed interest in providing in-depth answers to my questions regarding the seminar topic. Thanks, Jolanta!

Greg Simons

Researcher and analyst in political risk, international armed conflicts and crisis communicationMarch 21, 2019, Greg was senior to Jolanta but didn’t manage directly
I have met and interacted with Jolanta as a doctoral student for several years now, where she has taken my classes and I have reviewed her doctoral thesis. In my professional observations, I have come to know Jolanta as a very capable student with a sharp sense of intellect and critical thinking. She is also very punctual and precise in her work. During the time she was writing her doctoral thesis, Jolanta was also working, demonstrating a high level of discipline and time/task management.

Jānis Kuršinskis

Graphic design | UI |March 25, 2019, Jānis worked with Jolanta but at different companies
Jolanta is enthusiastic, ambitious with positive attitude go-getter for any marketing challenge and effective communicator. We worked together on many design projects from scratch till finish which resulted in very good reviews from customers, supermarket chains and affiliate partners. She is high-level professional in her field and i would recommend to anyone who is in need of marketing services.

Jānis Znotins

Project Coordinator at Stills LTDMarch 8, 2019, Jolanta was a client of Janis’
The Talsi novads local authority, in cooperation with the Talsi business incubator and in the framework of the Lat-Lit project invited Jolanta to read a 6 hour lecture on the topic Integrated marketing communication from A to Z. Although the seminar was long, Jolanta succeeded in engaging and holding the interest of the audience (62 people) and involved them in various practical marketing activities. As a result, both the seminar organizers and visitors gained/strengthened knowledge regarding everything around marketing communication. I certainly recommend contacting Jolanta regarding any marketing issues, she will certainly be able to help you.

Inga Sprice, Pure Academy valdes locekleFebruary 21, 2019, Inga and Jolanta were students together
Jolanta is one of the most professional risk and crisis communication experts. Since Jolanta has studied this topic both theoretically and practically for many years, when I need advice, I always contact Jolanta.

Uldis Strautkalns

Project manager at Biznesa augstskola Turība
It is easy to work with Jolanta. She always has an opinion based on arguments. If she does not agree - she proves. If she cannot prove, she listens and learns.

Kristine Tjarve

PR, communication and social media professional, Consultant and Lecturer January 30, 2020, Jolanta worked with Kristine in the same group
Although I only know Jolanta a short time, I can very positively recommend her professional knowledge. Jolanta has deep knowledge of the fields of crisis communication and integrated communication, gladly gives advice on these issues and educates others in order to strengthen their professional capacity. Jolanta has a keen mind, and in addition to her ability to analyze crisis situations from the point of view of communication, she also has a good understanding of the legal aspects. Jolanta also is cooperative, engaged in team work and ready to provide her contribution to achieving common goals. Together with her, I am ready to conquer the professional summits.

Maira Kalniņa

Public Relations Specialist and Health sports specialist at Veselības inspekcija

Enthusiasm, professionalism, persistence, an open, client-oriented communication.

Jana Bunkus

Deputy Dean of Communication field and lecturer at Biznesa augstskola Turība | Turiba University
A very interesting and creative approach to every project. I am glad that there are always so many ideas to recommend, as well as enormous energy for work - and the job is always done on time and very well. I sincerely recommend!

Juta Spalva

Food Development manager. Product trainer. Inspirer. Marketing and development- brands, products, food trends
It’s my great pleasure to share with you some impressions about Jolanta. Deep fundamental knowledge about marketing mixed with latest trends and future vision makes her really unique specialist in such a magic field as marketing is. Jolanta was my teacher in Integrated marketing communication course, and I have gained wide knowledge and very inspired from her. Thank you Jolanta! Wish your professionalism will help and inspire more peoples and companies!

Valdis Tilgalis

(lecturer, consultant) Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Latvia at Embassy of Indonesia in Stockholm
Jolanta is very active in communication, on scientific level and on practice as well! I would recommend to be in touch with Jolanta, particularly, if You have questions connected with communication!

Marta Mackeviča

Communication and PR professional with experience in international projects, private and public sector
A high-level professional in the field of communication, crisis communication and integrated marketing. Innovative in her thinking, open to cooperation, knowledgeable, capable of arousing the interest of the future professionals in the field during the study process. A person who truly believes in what she does and transmits valuable knowledge to her students. I wholeheartedly recommend cooperation with Jolanta - and not only in situations when a company or institution is already facing a communications crisis, but also preventively, in order to avoid such situations.

Ilze Ruperte

Advertising agency MEDIARE. Promotional items, giveaways and corporate gifts with your logo for private and public sector. BNI Wagner member.
Higly recommend Jolanta as knowledgeable and friendly service provider, pleasant and easy in communication. Jolanta presents yourself as consultant who will usefully evaluate your company from the outside and provide recommendations on marketing communication.

Uģis Higo Glāzītis

Member of the Latvian Rock Music Association, MBA, advertising, marketing, audio, video, management, production, publishing, event organization, project management.
A great partner. Professional and individual approach to issues. Always help and give valuable advice! I recommend! Also a great teacher!

Jekaterina AntonovaJekaterina Antonova

Self-employed person
I have completed Jolanta's course “Advertising", and I am glad I did it. I received detailed, structured information with practical examples and I now apply it in my work. Jolanta is a true expert in her field! It was an honor to train with such a specialist! Also, for me one of the priorities was practice and the ability to apply knowledge to my work.

Laila Uzule

· Extensive Adult Education / CEO at Alfa – mācību centrs / Social Active Person a
Cooperation with Jolanta was very easy and productive. Likewise with the JDP Integrated Communications team. Jolanta not only provided very valuable suggestions on existing public communication, but also developed a very useful strategy for videos for an advertising campaign, and prepared high-quality articles about MC Alfa – mācību centrs. Thank you, Jolanta! I will be very happy to cooperate in the future!