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A brand identity consists both of visual elements and sound. At least in Latvia, audio brand management is still in the development stage. Lend sound to your brand and include it in communication with your customers. Sound helps creating the individuality of the brand and reflects values. Professional sound processing or audio architecture and design for your brand, large or small projects. Find out more

Possible audio services

  • Audio records and corrections

  • Recording and processing voice

  • Recording voice greetings and messages for the answering machine

  • Audio brand management

  • Preparing audio ads

  • Montage, mixing and mastering of audio recordings

  • Post-processing of your audio material

  • Audio recordings with a determined duration (chronometric editing or duration editing)

  • Restoring audio recordings (remastering)

  • Editing the recorded dialog/podcast

  • Recording audio newspapers and books

  • Broadcast editing

  • Audio records and video montage

  • Converting various digital sound formats to the format you require (wav, aiff, mp3, wma, aac, ac3 and others)

  • Larger or smaller audio projects (theater performances, sound tracks, etc.)

About our craftsman

The craftsman Dainis Pilskungs is an audio architect and designer with more than 35 years of experience. More than 25 years of experience in the field of digital audio. Has participated in recordings, mixing and final processing of countless large and small projects. Can achieve an excellent sound even in seemingly hopeless situations. The voice and author of countless audio/video ads and radio transmissions. Has worked on large and small stages, including in underground projects, on the radio and TV. As described by his colleagues: “An expert in 80s disco music (and more), who has always been the best at understanding and feeling the spirit of the public.”

In his free time he travels around the world, rides a bike, plays all kinds of ball games and the guitar, and still works as a DJ, has fun and entertains others - here you can hear him.

He insists on focusing on quality and excellent sound, and, as he himself says: “Sound editing is an art and a science at the same time!”

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We will build a bridge between your brand and your consumer, using the power of digital audio.

We hope you will find your sound In Pursuit of Your Customer!