Buzz or word-of-mouth marketing

IMC ideas observed while traveling

A lamp in the Lisbon Aquarium

Sand City In Portugal

Market on the beach in Portugal

Sicily means the mafia and memorial murals for policemen

A significant work of art in of the Sicilian parks

Time for coffee. Sicily

Observing shop windows in Milan

Observing shop windows in Milan

An old-timey café interior in Milan

In Tenerife - Canary potatoes with Domino

Solidarizing in Tenerife

Milan - the influencer capital

A wall of books in a coffee factory in Ukraine

A shelf for fishermen in Ukraine, according to Gestalt principles - offering rubber boots, socks with umbrellas and fishermen coffee

Room of illusions for photo moments in Ukraine

In Ukraine, you don't just drink the wine, you swim in it

In Ukraine, you can also swim in coffee

Swimming in beer in Ukraine

In Zakopane masks are offered together with folk clothing

A selection of men in Rome

Balls of icecream in a hat in Zakopane

A selfie in the Warsaw Copernicus Science Center


Espresso at the counter is 1 euro, at the table 2 euros At the counter everything is more exclusive, with personal service and stories about the history of espresso and drinking etiquette

TicTac packaging on the road - 7 Good Reasons to Smile

Art being made in the street


Murano glass orchestra


The colorful buildings of the Burano island The residents, before going to the pub, paint their foreheads the same color as the building. To make sure that they're delivered to the right house from the pub.


Lace made by the women of the Burano island


An exclusive location for the personal aircraft

French Riviera

Château d'If - the place where the count Monte Cristo was imprisoned. The beaches and sight-seeing squares create a sense of presence.

St-Tropes - a resort with large scale design elements

And the opportunity to take a Talk Triggers photo (to get people talking about you)

Cannes do not require any special attributes. Everyone is taking photos of the red carpet.

France - coast of the Atlantic ocean. White cliffs and fish shish-kebab

France - coast of the Atlantic ocean. A library on the beach

Just make up a story for each cliff and the marketing is done. In Etretat, there is an elephant's trunk hidden in the water.

The local authority pays attention to the well-being of the tourists. A fancy water fountain at 30 degrees in the city center attracts tourists. Ice cream, cooled cocktails, etc are sold next to it.

Large fish scenes

France - coast of the Atlantic ocean. The authenticity of an oyster farm. The process can be observed from a boat

And you can taste it in one of the local restaurants

As well as learn the history of CAMUS (tasting required)

Lost and found office on the ocean coast

A universal seat for all occasions

An original idea for earning some cash. Viewing sand sculptures and taking photos only for money

With my freshly-purchased surfboard

A surfing school for everyone who has a board

An evening on the beach - enjoying street dance

A thematic entertainment on the Tallink pram

Talk Triggers photo in the museum of A.Lindgren

Book characters on a gigantic notebook with a spiral

Mini size fairy tale character rooms

Talk Triggers in the ABBA museum

An opportunity to dance to ABBA

“Eatable” ads

Estonia - AHHA attracts tourists An opportunity to follow the process of chickens hatching

In the AHHA center you can sleep in an improvised womb

The AHHA center lets you photo terrified faces

In the AHHA center you can leave your head on a plate

White nights in Saint Petersburg

The Eiffel tower phenomenon

A special service - getting married next to the Eiffel tower

Smiling piggy banks

Standing in a queue for 2 hours in Disneyland to hug and take photos with Mickey Mouse

A wreath of corks in a local winery in Hungary

Hungary. A talking parrot in a café. Repeats everything that the guests say

Hungary. Marzipan museum. The entire room is made from marzipan.

Fish pedicure on the street

Romania. Tennis courts, panorama wheel, stage and a boat ride in gigantic salt mines

Lithuania. Dinosaur park.

Göteborg - environmental ad for a jeans shop

Göteborg - environmental ad for a jeans shop

Book exposition. A pleated dog - an attribute of the exposition stand. The visitors like to pet it, talk and find out news at the same time

An interview with a book author in sleeping position

Exposition stand for a children's book author

A large crossword where each visitor can approach and continue guessing

Croatian sea urchin souvenirs

They offer what we called “sea urchin shoes” for safer wading in the local waters

Karaoke on the street - the video only shows our heads. The rest is comically animated

Domesticated, colorful birds

Design of an mountain climber shop in Poland

An upside down house

A communal auto

A flower pot in Budapest

Austrian dog bar

A permanently occupied toilet at the side of an Austrian highway with a moaning man as an environmental object After some time the doors loudly open and the man starts cursing

A dose of energy in inspiring cups. University of Edinburgh - the majority of my doctoral thesis was made here

A visit to the Edinburgh theater - a shock. 80% of the viewers were dressed in thematic clothing, rose to their feet, danced and loudly clapped

The lop-sided house in Austria

A burger eatery

Chess on the street. Everyone plays

A summer-time seat in Germany

Sitting in an ice cream in a Czech ice cream café

The shelves of a shoe store in Rome

Hair saloon doors in Switzerland

Talk Triggers Sherlock Holmes at a waterfall in Switzerland where the famous scene of the fight with Moriarty was filmed

An entrance to the casino with a greeting in many languages

Cozy lumpy cups in a mountain café in Switzerland

Lego objects in Berlin

A social campaign

A hair saloon in the Netherlands

Entertainment and weather whiteboard in a hotel

The doors of a saloon

A design element

A hiking trail for adrenaline. There were signs everywhere that there is no way back

France – Strasbourg

The interior of a café

A Mozart hotel with a corresponding interior in Brussels

Chocolate fountains in Belgium

A sauna in Cyprus - today only men allowed

The yard of a local ceramics artisan

Rosé liqueur factory

Saaremaa - stone deposits on the beach

The interior of a pub

The National Belorussian Library in Minsk, lit at night

Authentic Belorussian houses in the countryside

Shops that remind you of something

An environmental object in Vienna

The interior of a pub in Saaremaa

Gran Canaria - Flowers, flowers, flowers

An authentic ritual - preparing sugar cane rum

A talking King Kong in the wax museum in London

The balcony of Juliet in Verona - an opportunity to leave your autograph

A tourist initiative - declarations of love at the house of Juliet

Everyone wants to take a set, but not everyone succeeds

Outside the shop window

The mountain of the composer Edward Grieg in Norway. There is a mailbox next to the cliff. A place for creative thought. The letters may be delivered by plane, by parachute, by climbing the cliff or using the power of your mind.

A stand for socks in Edinburgh

Johnnie Walker pop-up restaurant in the market

The carousel troll shows what he thinks of the passengers

A photo seat for a ski shop

A labyrinth of Christmas trees

A photo session for a PR campaign for sorting garbage