• Founder and manager of the JDPM Integrated Communications brand. Yes, the “M” in a box seen in the logo is nothing more than traditional marketing, but in circumstances of modern competition you must climb out of the usual, comfortable frame

  • Chairwoman of the Board of SIA “DaJo”, project management and development for strategic integrated marketing communication and brand management for customers in various fields in the local and international market

  • Director of the doctoral study program “Communication management” and the master's study program “Public relations” for the Business School “Turība”, associate professor of marketing and associated courses. A highly demanded guest lecturer

  • For more than 18 years her practical and scientific work has been connected with integrated marketing, brand management and mass media

  • PhD in the field of mass media and communication science. Two master's degrees - Public and education work management. 1st level higher professional education with the qualification of a lawyer's assistant

  • Author of the monograph “Domino Effect in Risk and Crisis Communication. Management and legal aspects” (2021), SIA “Biznesa augstskola Turība”, ISBN 978-9934-543-27-2

  • Topic of the promotion work - Domino effect theory and legal regulations: the effects of risk and crisis communication on Latvian enterprises (the work was developed in English) Link to the promotion work summary in Latvian. Link to the promotion work summary in English

  • Member of the Latvian Association for Public Relations Professionals (LASAP), mentor, member of the Latvian Marketing Professional Association (LMPA). Member of the BNI Vivaldi vicepresident and the mentor of Turība mentor association

  • Participation in the professional standard development work group, preparing the Strategic communication manager standard, as well as participation in the LZA Media and communication field terminology sub-committee

  • Mother of two sons

  • The singer who inspires her – Norah Jones (

  • Likes cherries, pasta in Bologna sauce, beet soup, Napoleon tarts with cooked cream, gingerbread from the Lestene village and rosé wine

  • I cannot understand how you can eat vinaigrette

  • Favorite color - Royal Blue

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